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Mar. 9th, 2015

Hannah Abbott for [info]helgashillmod
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May. 14th, 2014

may 14th

Private to Alicia & George
Thanks. Did I

Private to Alex
I finished those potions already and I nee Fuck

Private to Romilda
I need to interview some illicit potion makers for a question in the column. Strictly off the record, of course. Don't suppose you know any?

Private to Orla Quirke
I need to interview some illicit potion makers for a question in my column. Strictly off the record, of course. You seem like the kind of girl who knows who makes the good stuff.

May. 5th, 2014

may 5th.

Private to Alex
I need a little something.

May. 2nd, 2014

May 2nd.

Private to the Class of 1998 H98, R98, G98
The DMLE just all but ransacked my house and now it is so empty and I can't. I'd like to stay somewhere else.

Apr. 23rd, 2014

April 23rd.

Private to Susan
I know you've got bigger, more important things going on right now... but is there any chance I can complain about my stupid personal life?

Apr. 16th, 2014

April 16th.

I've really loved the media that last couple of days. Not sure which article I liked best though. It is a tie between "Wireless Star Mocks Grieving Father to Public Backlash" and "Should Portia Diggle Be Replaced in the Curl & The Flame After Controversial Remarks?".

Though the talk segments on the wireless with the hysterical girls Flooing in to screech about how they can't have someone so heartless being their Genevieve have been pretty great, too. Ah, karma.

Apr. 6th, 2014

April 6th.

Private to Blaise
I was just discussing the importance of multiple orgasms with Susan and it got me wondering if you were busy tonight....

Jan. 19th, 2014

january 19th.

Okay, I don't scare easily, but a mouse running all over the counters in a restaurant is not acceptable.

Dec. 1st, 2013

december 1st.

Fuck fuck shit goddamnit my fucking head.

I can't believe I shagged Michael under the Blue Moon. What if that shit is actually true- Don't be stupid, Hannah

But what if

Private to Susan
I need you to come get a hangover potion out of my bathroom cabinet for me.

Nov. 27th, 2013

november 27th.

Private to Henry Radford
Oi. Radford. I need a word.

Nov. 25th, 2013

november 25th.

Yesterday some bi girl tried to take the set of dressrobes at Mirror, Mirror which perfectly matched the shoes I'd picked out for the occasion and things got a bit heated.

That said, I'm the proud owner of the perfect set of dressrobes for Saturday night.

And she's not.

Sep. 15th, 2013

september 15th.

There is too little booze in my house and far too many unused hangover potions. I don't care if it is a bloody Sunday, I'm going out.

Anyone in?

Sep. 6th, 2013

september 6th.

I guess life could be worse.

Sep. 2nd, 2013

september 2nd.

Aug. 30th, 2013

august 30th.

Hannah Winfield-Hayes

Hannah Hayes

Mrs Humphrey Winfield-Hayes

Humphrey & Hannah Winfield-Hayes

Mrs Winfield-Hayes

Anyway, the point is... HUMPHREY & I GOT MARRIED!!

Aug. 3rd, 2013

august 3rd.

Private to H98 sans Zach
Happy birthday, Sal. We love you. Are you up to Would you like to do something tonight?

Jul. 7th, 2013

july 7th.

Happy birthday to my best friend (whose door I am standing outside of right now with cake and pressies, so she'd better open up)!!

But honestly, everyone, Susan Bones is a better person than all the rest of us combined. Try to do a good deed today in her honor or something.

Jul. 1st, 2013

july 1st.

Let's think about this for a second, people, okay? Yeah, Ste's hair may have been on Orpington's body, but he was also Orpington's personal assistant. I'm pretty sure my hair could be found on Kirley any damn day of the week. That's what happens when you're in close proximity to someone all the time.

If any PA in this town was going to flip out and kill their boss, it would have been me. You should see how Kirley pouts when he runs out of hair product. You'd want to kill him, too.

Private to Susan
I So, Blaise and I Um How was your night with Grandpa Radford?

Private to H98 sans Zach
What are we doing to celebrate the births of Suse and Megs, hmm?

Private to Blaise
Should we talk about--


Jun. 5th, 2013

june 5th.

Private to Justin
Happy Birthday. I know it is stupid to write this because you can't see it, but I need to get this out somewhere so just bear with me, J, okay? It's been four years since the last birthday you had we spent together. We were so stupid then, do you remember? We made love shagged and talked about NEWTs and the future and then the Muggle-Born Registration Act came and you were just... gone. I don't know how I would have made it through that year without hoping to see you again. But sometimes I wish I hadn't hoped so hard because I think I might have used all of it up, waiting for you.

Every single day I expect to miss you a little bit less, but I don't. I wake up and have to remember all over again that you're gone and I can't bring you back. I can't fix this. It doesn't hurt less. It hurts more. I love you.

Private to H98 (Yes, Even Zacharias)
I'm going to be raising a glass tonight if any of you want to join me. Please. I don't want to drink alone.

May. 30th, 2013

may 28th (backdated)

I'm fine. According to the Hit Wizards at my house when I got home just now, there was some concern about that. Sorry.

Private to Susan
Merlin, Suse! I'm so sorry. I thought someone was following me when I was on my way back from work last night and I got sort of freaked out and Apparated to Dad's place. I meant to let you know but my journal was at home and, obviously, Dad doesn't have an owl or a Floo or anything and then... it just slipped my mind. I'm sorry. I'm total rubbish.

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